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We got married!

You're invited to come celebrate with us!

When:  Saturday October 20th, 2018.

Where:  Austin, Texas



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The Main Event:

Saturday October 20th

When: 6pm-11pm

Where: Malverde

400-B W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

Drinks, dinner, music, dancing, speeches and good vibes. Join us for an evening of wholesome family entertainment, unwholesome family fear and loathing, bonding, belt loosening and quality time. With special guest DJ Alexander 'Noise-son' Wright, somebody please inform him.

Dress code: Smart Casual / Garden Attire / Whatever Feels Right


Metered street parking is available on all nearby streets. Complimentary validated valet parking on 2nd Street between Guadalupe and San Antonio is available after 5:30pm, Thursday through Saturday.

Paid parking is available in the AMLI garage on San Antonio St. ( and City Hall garage on 2nd St ( Unfortunately, the restaurant does not validate garage parking on Saturdays. :(


The Ancillary Events:

While we are only asking (begging) that you attend Saturday's event at Malverde, and hope you spend your time in Austin following your bliss, we will be organizing a couple other gatherings during the weekend. Attendance optional.

Food Truck Meetup + Halloween

Friday October 19th

When: 6:30pm-8pm-ish

Where: The Picnic Food Truck Park

1720 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Come hang out with us in a stereotypically Austin environment and catch up on stuff. After that, if you’d be interested in some seasonal festivities at House of Torment, please let us know.

Kolaches of Shame

Sunday October 21st

When: 11am-1pm

Where: BATCH

3220 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

Central Texas was once settled by many Czechs, a cultural wellspring that now manifests itself primarily as a regional preoccupation with pastry. Sunday morning we're planning to say our goodbyes at an indoor/outdoor kolache joint.

Backup plans to be sorted out in the event of Lightning.



There are lots of great hotels, motels, hip trailer parks, airbnbs and vrbo locations worth staying at in Austin.

We suggest you choose what feels right to you.

Book early, it’s Formula 1 weekend (sorry), and hotels are filling up.

Some guests have started filling up Homewood Northwest, which has reasonable rates and a nice looking pool.

Neighborhood Guidance:

In general, any place with a numbered street nearby from 1st to 45th street is a decently central place to stay.

Most likely you will need a car to get around, unless you feel like taking a lot of pedicabs and Lyfts.

From 20th to 33rd is UT college town.

Anything on the South side of the river (a.k.a. Town Lake) is also great and where we are staying - around South 1st, South Lamar, and South Congress.

East Austin on the other side of I-35 is more residential and calm and likely to be cheaper for AirBnBs, but is close enough to be convenient with a lot of interesting places popping up, as well.

Anything North of 45th will most likely be a more casual hotel experience; this is the zone of strip malls, suburbia, and Jennifer’s childhood. Not too exciting but if you don’t mind driving 15-30 min to get to stuff and the budget fits, go for it!

Here's a map showing Malverde in relation to Homewood NW, the house we rented, the house Chelsea rented, and the house where Jennifer grew up.


Happy hunting!


Jennifer's Recommendations

Follow the link below for a list of activities, restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops worth checking out during your stay in Austin.

(( Jennifer Recommends ))

Have fun exploring!



Thanks for the offer, we appreciate it, but your presence is all the gift we need :)

If you still want to give a gift, we'd love for you to donate to a good cause.


 International Rescue Committee

• The Trevor Project



If you have any questions, comments or demands please send an email to:

or text Tristan @ 610-442-7985

or text Jennifer @ 650-576-9455


Thanks, see you soon!